 creating and selling of works of art which are falsely credited to other, usually more famous...

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In Praise of Art Forgery

GE1127-Money and ArtFinal Project Lee Lok Kwan , Charlotte52622806In Praise of Art Forgery

Art ForgeryCreating and selling of works ofartwhich are falsely credited to other, usually more famous artistsThemeAn essay on The Positive Value of Art ForgeryIn Contrast with the Conventional View on Counterfeiting

1. Conventional and Scholars view on art forgery

2. My supporting view on art forgeryConventional and Scholars view on art forgeryArtistic CrimesThe British Journal of Aesthetics19 (1979): 302-341Denis Dutton

intrinsic aesthetic properties should be respected as it was believed to be the work of an esteemed artist

misattribute origin, misrepresent achievement

Martin Gayford - an art criticArticle on THE TELEGRAPH 17 Jun 2010art history became instantly inapplicable

Conventional and Scholars view on art forgeryMy supporting view on art forgeryIn my point of view, Art Forgery has its own value nowadays

A collection of famous painting at one point

Intimate relationship

can take photos and touch the art pieces

The Scream 1983 Edvard Munch

A photo taken inside Ostuka Museum of Art reproducing a collection of renowned paintings

Conservation for a longer period of timeCeramic Textureremain their color and shape > 2000 yearsRevamp destroyed art piece

Art Piece that cannot be moved any more1937GuernicaPablo Ruiz Picasso

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid

ConclusionA new business in the new art worldArt Forgery for a Chinese artist to make a living