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 BRAINS! . By Robert and Grace . CIRCLE GRAPH. Just because the brain is very big does not mean that it is very smart. . Why isn't an elephant smarter than a human?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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BRAINS! By Robert and Grace CIRCLE GRAPHJust because the brain is very big does not mean that it is very smart. Why isn't an elephant smarter than a human? elephant brain human brain

An elephant is intelligent, but its creases in its brain are not as deep as a humans. Also the humans brain is much more organized. Because our brain is more organized, things get processed easier. But the elephant is still very smart, just not as smart as a human! PIG BRAINS VS GIRAFFE BRAINSPigs and giraffes are both mammals, but which one is smarter? The pig is the tenth smartest mammal there is according to various websites. Giraffes are not as smart as pigs but even though we could not find info on giraffes we know that pigs are exceptionally smart. Cat brain vs. dog brainAccording to our research dogs are smarter than cats because of how they are social. They are because dogs are mostly very friendly and that increases there brain capacity. Also because dogs have emotions meaning that they whimper. But cats on the other hand are very independent they do not enjoy being held a lot at there older age. Only some cats do.OPTICAL ILLUTIONSHow many legs does the Elephant have? I know what You are thinking, your thinking that it has 4 legs but it doesnt in this optical illusion. It actually has eight legs! Your brain thinks that because when you think elephant, you think four legs. But your brain tricked you!

!Fun FACTS!Do you know why elephants are afraid of mice? They are afraid that the mice will come up there trunk and will block their breathing. Most dogs are friendlier than cats to humansInchworms have 11 brains but they use about half of them.A rhinos brain is smaller than its noseAn ostrich's brain is smaller than its eyeBlue whales have bigger brains than any other animalChimps are the smartest animals next to humansHoneybees are the smartest insect because of how they plan ahead