~~ basic horoscope report from ~~

~~ Basic horoscope report from    ~~
~~ Basic horoscope report from    ~~
~~ Basic horoscope report from    ~~
~~ Basic horoscope report from    ~~
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  • www.astropundit.com Close Basic Horoscope Report Horoscope is a snapshot of the planetary positions - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) at the exact moment of the birth of a person. Your Horoscope has been calculated according to Vedic Astrology with Lahiri Ayanamsa. Personal Details Name Sex Date of Birth Day of Birth Time of Birth ( LMT ) Place of Birth Nearest Important Town/city * State Country Latitude Longitude Sunrise ( LMT ) Sunset ( LMT ) Lagna Nakshatra ( Star ) Pada Rasi ( Moon ) Sign Thithi Paksha Sunsign ( Western ) Name of the Year of Birth DEEPAK S SAWANT NICK RONNIE Male 4th April 1965 Sunday 3:47:00 AM Mumbai (Bombay) Mumbai (Bombay) Maharashtra India 18:58:0 N 72:50:0 E 06:32:00 18:53:00 Makara / Capricorn Bharani First Mesha / Aries Dwithiya - Waxing Shukla Paksha Aries Krodhi GMT Information Date of Birth Day of Birth Time of Birth 3rd April 1965 Saturday 10:17:00 PM * Town nearest to the place of birth as chosen by you for which the latitude and longitude were taken for astrological calculations.
  • www.astropundit.com Top Main (Rasi) Chart Sun 20 : 34 Mercury [R] 28 : 19 Venus Moon 14 : 27 Jupiter 18 : 27 Rahu 2 : 39 23 : 41 Saturn 18 : 31 Main (Rasi) Chart DEEPAK S SAWANT NICK RONNIE Lagna Mars [R] Ketu 23 : 41 Neptune [R] 18 : 09 Pluto [R] 16 : 59 Uranus [R] 28 : 21 20 : 56 26 : 09 Top
  • www.astropundit.com Rasi & Navamsa Charts Sun Mercury [R] Venus Moon Jupiter Rahu Saturn Ketu Rasi Lagna Mercury Saturn Mars [R] Uranus [R] Pluto [R] Ketu Neptune [R] Navamsa Sun Jupiter Moon Rahu Venus Lagna Mars Significance of Makara / Capricorn Lagna ~~ Capricorn is an earthy sign, ruled by Saturn, the significator of dutifulness and responsibility ~~. Capricornians are ambitious, hard working and selfish. ~~ If the Sun is strong, they have a healthy constitution~~ .
  • ~~ If Saturn is strong ~~ , they have a charming personality; they are diligent, traditional, level headed, cautious, thrifty, conservative, methodical, social, practical, faithful, prudent, protective, dependable, with organizing ability. They can also be selfish, rigid and resentful. The general nature of Capricornians get altered according to the placements of the planets in the natal chart. ~~Favorable colors : black, blue, white, silver, red and variegated colors ~~ . ~~ Favorable gems : Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Red Coral and Pearl ~~ . These are general indications which will get modified according to the lord of the Ascendent(Lagna),placement of the lord of the Ascendent and the aspects on the Ascendent ,in the personal horoscope of the native. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~