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ANCHORED In EXCELLENCE. Welcome to Our Open House. Mrs. K. Wood & Ms. A. Browns 2nd Grade Family 2013 ~ 2014 Dowell Elementary School. Concepts in our Curriculum: Language Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Welcome to Our Open House Mrs. K. Wood & Ms. A. Browns 2nd Grade Family2013 ~ 2014Dowell Elementary School

Concepts in our Curriculum:

Language Arts Words Their Way (spelling program)- emphasis on phonics rules and sorting words to create associations. Good Habits, Great Readers (shared reading-whole group, and guided reading-small group)Good Habits, Great Readers, Great Writers (Writers Workshop) Math Concepts:Place ValueAddition, Subtraction, Beginning Multiplication GraphingTimeMoneyGeometryFractionsMeasurementSocial Studies Concepts:Georgia (Geography & history of Georgia & its Native American Tribes)Government & Human Rights (need for laws & government officials)Important Historical Figures in Georgias history EconomicsScience Concepts:Seasons States of matter (liquid, solid and gas)Energy (Pushes & Pulls)Motion & Celestial BodiesLife Cycles


Your child is EXPECTED to LISTEN, LEARN, and PARTICIPATE each day in class. They are RESPONSIBLE for their OWN actions and being part of the class team. Our Class Policy (Rules) are centered around learning, in order to help EVERYONE succeed this year.LEARNISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONSLWAYS TRY YOUR BESTNTER AND EXIT PREPAREDESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERSO EXCUSES!Discipline Procedures Students earn points for positive behavior & lose points for inappropriate behaviorRewards include stickers, candy, lunch with the teacher, sit at teachers desk, free time passes.Each teacher is also incorporating various positive reward systems for our students, as individuals and whole class.

Daily Conduct CalendarPlease initial daily!Students have the opportunity to move their pin up or down throughout the school day depending on their behavior. Moving up is GREAT! Moving down means that your is or has been unacceptable.When an infraction occurs, the student will receive a warning. If this the inappropriate behavior continues, the student will move his/her pin and it will be noted on the behavior calendar.Move pin again down once and lose 5 minutes of recess. Move pin down again, a call will be made or a note will be sent home, and 10 minutes of recess lost If a student moves their pin up once they earn 2 stars on their star chart. If a student moves their pin up once again they earn 4 stars on their star chart. MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridayWeekly Grade 7O G B Y R 8O G B Y R 9 O G B Y RS P N 12O G B Y R 13O G B Y R 14 O G B Y R 15O G B Y R 16O G B Y RS P N 19O G B Y R 20O G B Y R 21O G B Y R 22O G B Y R 23O G B Y RS P N 26O G B Y R 27O G B Y R 28O G B Y R 29O G B Y R 30O G B Y R

7:20- 7:50 Morning Activities7:50- 8:00Morning AnnouncementsAttendance8:05 9:40Reading/Math (Session 1)9:40-9:55Words Their Way 9:55-10:45 Specials10:50 - 11:20 Lunch (Brown) 10:52- 11:22 Lunch (Wood) 11:25-12:05 Writers Workshop 12:05-12:20Recess/Bathroom12:20-1:50Reading/Math (Session 2)1:50-2:00Math Computation/ Silent Reading2:00-2:35Afternoon Announcements/ Dismissal

Lunch: 10:50 a.m. - 11:20 a. m. (Ms. Brown) 10:52 a.m.11:22 a. m. (Mrs. Wood)May deposit money into their account or bring in cash/check daily.

Specials: 9:55 a.m.10:45 a.m. Proper shoes the days we attend PE.

Ms. Brown & Mrs. Woods Class Schedule2013 2014(TENTATIVE)

Homework: Homework Monday through Thursday as outlined in your childs AgendaRequired to read 20 minutes daily and complete their reading log Students should complete their spelling homework in their spelling journalStudents may receive a Math Sheet as additional homework. Reading Logs:Students should read 20 minutes every night and complete one read and respond activity every weekAgendas: All students have been issued an agenda which is to be kept inside their binder.Students copy their homework assignments in their agenda every morningPlease review this with your child and initial daily.

Snack: Only HEALTHY snacks and water (NO juice, soda, or candy). Thursday FoldersAll important school information will come home in your childs yellow Thursday Folder.Transportation Changes: Send a signed note if there will be transportation changes for your child. Do not send emails.

Sicknesses & Absences: If your child has a fever or is vomitting, they MUST be go 24 hours without a fever or vomitting before they can return to school. If your student is absence for any reason, please send in a note concerning the absences, the day they return to school.

Cafeteria: Breakfast is $1.25 and lunch is $2.15 per day. Students can also purchase milk/juice for $0.60. Please check with your childs teacher with your classroom lunch time.ASP: All parents are encouraged to register their child. ($10.00). The daily charge is $7.00 Students must be picked up by 6:00pm.ATTENDANCEAttendance is essential for your child to have the best experience this year. School can not be recreated so please make sure your child arrives on time and is not consistently absent. School begins at 7:50 a.m. Students may be dropped off at 7:5 a.m.Consequences for absences or tardies: 5 tardies or absences (Teachers will call home or send a note home)10 tardies or absences (A letter from Mrs. Dinizio will be sent home.)15+ tardies or absences (social work referral)School Policies:Important Dates to Remember

Sept. 2 Labor DayOct. 3-8 No SchoolOct. 21-25 Early Release (Conference week)Nov. 25-29-Thanksgiving HolidayDec. 23-Jan 6 Winter HolidaysJan. 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. HolidayFeb. 13-18 No SchoolMar. 31Apr. 4- Spring BreakMay 21 Last day of school

kari.wood@cobbk12.organtoinette.brown@cobbk12.orgVisit our blog at:

http://kwoodsworld.weebly.com/ http://msbrown2ndgrade.weebly.com/ Dowells Phone Number678-594-8059


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