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  • Designing a blurbThis project was made by judge of books Timoshenko Valeria 9 A

  • I would recommend you Three men in a boat by Jerome K Jerome to read.Three old faithful good friends - that's what a person needs in an evening.

  • Jerome K. Jerome

    Jerome K. Jerome, born on May 2, 1859, in Staffordshire, England, was an actor and teacher before becoming a popular novelist with The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.

    Known for his humor and spirituality, Jerome also served as editor of the publication The Idler and wrote more books and plays.

    He died on June 14, 1927.

  • Author, Editor, Journalist, Playwright (18591927)

  • There are a lot of kinds of cover for Three men in a boat in the world but I decided to make my own cover for my favourite book.

  • And here you areThree men in a boatJEROM


    JEROM -We dreamed of you. And will we not inadvertently dreamed? - Do you wish nightmares for us?

  • And some information on the back cover of the book:

  • I think you want to learn why this book is my choice to recommend to read. I recommend this book because I like to recommend nice fiction and it is. You know, when I read Three men in a boat I felt that I was in England. The descriptions of nature are so realistic in this book! I like storys atmosphere: calm and freedom, friendship and fun. Of course, dont forget a subtle sense of English humor! Well, if you want to feel happiness you should read it

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