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Whats New in Autodesk Advance Steel 2015

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1New featuresEnhanced user interfaceFlexible model view toolsGlobal settings managementDocumentation improvementsEasier fabricationImproved interoperability 2014 AutodeskThank you for taking the time to see and hear about the new features in Autodesk Advance Steel 2015. Today we will be looking at new and enhanced features for different functionalities of the software. We will see how the user interface has been enhanced; new capabilities for model views to display the model in different views; redesigned management tools for managing all global settings; new options for automatically created documentation, especially shop and general arrangement drawings; CNC data creation extended for complex steel parts; and key enhancements made to interoperability with Autodesk Navisworks software products.

2Enhanced user interface 2014 Autodesk3New UI arrangementEnhanced categories organizationAutodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Advance Steel icons grouped togetherHome Tab for quick startEnhanced user interfaceQuickly find the commands you need to complete a taskAutodesk Advance Steel 2015Tool palette settings better kept

2014 AutodeskThe user interface has been reviewed in the 2015 release with a new user interface arrangement, which makes the software easier to use and provides more integration between AutoCAD commands and Autodesk Advance Steel functionalities.

A Home tab containing all the main commands is now available for a quick start.

The icons for the most used commands have been enlarged so that the user does not lose time finding them.

The Autodesk Advance Steel tool palette keeps the settings defined by the user when closing and reopening it, which helps with defining and saving your own working environment.4Modeling tools 2014 Autodesk5Model view enhancementsDisplay multiple model views at onceMore objects visibleGet the UCS on model view planeJoint driver point visibleModeling toolsBetter manipulate your model display with enhanced model viewsAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

2014 AutodeskTo display the model with different model views, Autodesk Advance Steel provides tools to more easily create different model views from your project. This has been enhanced by adding different new options offering greater flexibility.

It is now possible to display several model views at the same time, such as a level view together with an elevation view, which helps when viewing the project and continuing to create the 3D model.

The content of model views has been extended so that saved model views can now contain parts like camera objects and joint driver point.

When creating a new model view, a new option offers the possibility to save the UCS placed in the plane of this model view, which helps save time when displaying the model view as the UCS is automatically redisplayed with it.6User feedbackDisplay level symbol height valueFolded plate relation layerQuick view on plate offers more view direction optionsOption to keep the beam position is activated by default Modeling toolsCustomer requests and feedback help drive model enhancementsAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

2014 AutodeskBased on customer request and feedback, some other functionalities for the modeling phases have been extended to provide more flexibility.

When inserting level symbol in the 3D model, the height value is displayed.The folded relationships, which merge different plates into a unique folded plate, are automatically created in the same layer as the original plates.Creating quick views on a plate offers more view directions, which provides more flexibility for the user to decide how he wants to see the plate.When inserting a new beam, its position is the same as the previously inserted beam, as this option is now kept in memory.7Steel connections enhancementsPlate bricks created at specified pointBase plate: beam end switch optionTurnbuckle direct bolting bracing on insertion pointNew stay option for purlin connectionsModeling toolsSupport a faster modeling phase with more flexible automatic steel connectionsAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

2014 AutodeskAmong the huge library of automatic parametric steel connections available in Autodesk Advance Steel, several options have been added in different connections. The user has more flexibility for inserting or moving plates created with one of the plate bricks, as the inserting point can now be specified graphically. The base plate can easily be placed at the bottom or top of a column thanks for a new option for switching the side of the column where the base plate has to be inserted. The connection for turnbuckle with a direct bolting on the supporting element is more flexible, as the user can pick the exact inserting point.The purlin connections have been extended to enable the automatic creation of stays.8Global settings management 2014 Autodesk9Updated management toolsEnhanced version of previous Advance ManagerCopy/paste a line in a tableDeep copy a bolt definitionUser compound sections get imported from certain previous releasesGlobal settings managementCustomize the software to your needs with a user-friendly toolAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

2014 AutodeskThe tool to configure all main settings has been redesigned and renamed Management Tools.It provides enhancements for customizing the databases as a copy/paste of an existing line in a table. This helps save time, and the user can now copy an entire bolt definition, which avoids creating a new one from scratch.Also the migration from certain previous releases offers the possibility to get custom compound sections successfully imported, which can be a great time-saver.10Documentation 2014 Autodesk11Shop drawings enhancementsHelper lines display for saw cutsHoles in unfolded curved beamFrames around details kept within drawings exploded to CAD entitiesDocumentationProduce high-quality drawings for more accurate fabrication at workshopAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

2014 AutodeskTo facilitate the fabrication of steel beams having saw cuts at their ends, shop drawings are now generated with the display of helper lines showing the beam section type.Holes in unfolded curved beams get automatically dimensioned, which helps to save time and reduce rework on shop drawing for such complex parts.When exploding the shop drawings and general arrangement drawings to CAD entities, an option enables keeping the frames around details that are part of the exploded drawing, providing better clarity on the obtained result by keeping a separation border between different details with these frames.

12Fabrication 2014 Autodesk13CNC data enhancementsHoles & cuts are shown in NC files for curved beams and polybeamsScribing minimum edge distanceNew default to avoid bolt holes drilled on site in NC fileFabricationDrive fabrication with CNC data included for complex partsAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

2014 AutodeskCNC data gets extended for complex parts like curved beams and polybeams thanks to holes and cuts, which are fully described in the DSTV files automatically generated from the model.To help prevent scribing information being written too close to the part edge at the workshop, a new option offers the option to define the minimum edge distance so that the CNC file is created accordingly.To avoid bolt holes drilled on site being listed in the CNC file, a new default is available in Management tools.

14Interoperability 2014 Autodesk15Collaborate with Revit productsAdvance Steel and Advance Concrete Revit Plug-in add-in*Available on Autodesk ExchangeCompliancy with Revit 2015 releaseBidirectional link & synchronisation enhancementsInteroperabilityAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

More seamless BIM workflow from design to fabrication with Revit 2015 2014 AutodeskAutodesk Revit 2015 and Autodesk Advance Steel 2015 work together to provide a more seamless BIM workflow from design to fabrication. The process is fairly simple. Use Revit to design your model. Once it is imported into Advance Steel, steel connections are automatically added. With this level of detail, the resulting model can be used to generate documents for fabrication.

Note: Advance Steel and Advance Concrete Revit Plug-in add-in will be available to customers in Q2

16Collaborate with NavisworksNew icon available in the UIEnhanced export for 3D modelsAll properties available in Autodesk Navisworks software productsTake your project to the Field with BIM360InteroperabilityMore seamlessly migrate design data to fabrication and constructionAutodesk Advance Steel 2015

2014 AutodeskAutodesk Advance Steel 2015 comes with a more powerful workflow for integration with Autodesk Navisworks software products.A new available dedicated icon directly exports the detailed model to Autodesk Navisworks software products for a whole project review with other disciplines.All Advance Steel object properties are exported, which leads to more information available for the user in Autodesk Navisworks software products.17Autodesk, AutoCAD, the Autodesk logo, Advance Concrete, Advance Steel, BIM 360, DWG, Navisworks, and Revit are registered trade


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