© 2010 ibm corporation steven adler ibm information governance solutions ibm information governance

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© 2010 IBM Corporation Steven Adler IBM Information Governance Solutions IBM Information Governance

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2010 IBM Corporation Steven Adler IBM Information Governance Solutions IBM Information Governance Slide 2 2010 IBM Corporation 2 Outcomes IBM is a leader in Information Governance... Five years ago, The IBM Data Governance Council Created the Data Governance Maturity Model To benchmark organizational maturity... Slide 3 2010 IBM Corporation Today we lead an Information Governance Community...with 700 people working together on global challenges Slide 4 2010 IBM Corporation We need Semantic Consistency...to improve enterprise information understanding Slide 5 2010 IBM Corporation Quality of Reporting and Analytics......To Promote Organizational Effectiveness Slide 6 2010 IBM Corporation Single View of the Truth...To Supply The Right Information to Run the Business Slide 7 2010 IBM Corporation Transform Data into Valued Business Information...So we can make smarter, faster decisions Slide 8 2010 IBM Corporation Information that is Secure and Protected...To reduce Risk and Improve Compliance Slide 9 2010 IBM Corporation Global IT Spending = $1.51T Slide 10 2010 IBM Corporation We Keep doing the same things.......Expecting Different Outcomes Slide 11 2010 IBM Corporation Without changing how we work.......New Outcomes are not possible Slide 12 2010 IBM Corporation Information can change organizational behavior......When People are Communicating, Coordinating, and Collaborating Slide 13 2010 IBM Corporation The Global IG Community is coordinating...with Social Networking to collaborate in real time Slide 14 2010 IBM Corporation Everyone can all contribute ideas Directly into the Model and Vote on them... Slide 15 2010 IBM Corporation 15 Data Quality Management Information Life-Cycle Management Information Security and Privacy Core Disciplines Data Architecture Classification & Metadata Audit Information Logging & Reporting Supporting Disciplines Organizational Structures & Awareness Enablers StewardshipPolicy Requires Supports Enhance Data Risk Management Business Outcomes Goals New Ideas are added to the fabric of the model...So that everyone benefits Slide 16 2010 IBM Corporation Join the global community and work with your peers www.infogovcommunity.com Slide 17 2010 IBM Corporation 17 And here's what you can do to succeed Join a Movement: www.infogovcommunity.comwww.infogovcommunity.com - Benchmark your organization online - Work with others on the Maturity Model - Compare best practices in online peer reviews - Be recognized for what you contribute on the Leaderboard Start a program: IBM can help! - Free workshops from the information Agenda Tiger Team - Best of breed solutions to help you succeed.