?· . 2 there can be no doubt that mankind is capable of great inventions. some of these...

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    Industrial Connectors

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    There can be no doubt that mankind is

    capable of great inventions. Some of these

    inventions have made a major contribution

    to the fields of production, process and

    traffic management technology. However,

    even very minor faults can affect operatio-

    nal reliability, dependability and availability,

    and they can prove to be very expensive.

    Fault-free automation systems significantly

    enhance productivity and competitiveness,

    and they preserve jobs over the long term.

    Our extremely versatile intelligent connectors

    set technical standards and provide

    individual and absolutely reliable solutions

    in state-of-the-art automation systems.

    As data rates continue to increase, our

    connectors minimize possible sources of

    system failure and guarantee high availability

    right from the start. Customers get powerful,

    reliable cabling solutions which can handle

    extreme vibration and are resistant to

    contamination and moisture. The solutions

    continue to provide a reliable connection

    even under the harshest operating

    conditions. Hirschmann Automation and

    Control delivers open, high-availability,

    future-proof industrial solutions for the

    construction, heavy vehicle, shipbuilding

    and offshore industries, and they are

    backed up by comprehensive service and

    support. Our specialists are always available

    to answer your questions, and our world-

    wide distribution network guarantees

    optimal delivery to ensure that time as well

    as the latest technology is on your side.

    Some faults can be very expensive. What good are the greatest inventions if there are problems with the small details later on?

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    This partnership takes Belden a major step

    forward in the industrial connection market,

    as the company evolves from its cable-

    manufacturing base into a full-capability

    specialist for signal transmission. The

    product portfolios and market positions of

    Hirschmann /Lumberg Automation and

    Belden are nearly an ideal match. Belden

    benefits from Hirschmanns position as

    the Industrial ETHERNET market leader,

    and Hirschmann will be able to enhance

    its market presence in North America and

    Asia under the Belden umbrella. Together,

    Lumberg Automation, Hirschmann and

    Belden may make the strongest connec-

    tion since connectors were invented.

    Nothing is more constant than change,

    and the world of technology is no exception.

    Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH

    is part of Belden Inc. The US-based

    corporation is one of the leading suppliers

    of data transmission products. The

    connector experts at Lumberg Automation

    and Hirschmann now work together to

    address the Industrial Connecting Solutions

    market as part of the Belden Automation

    business. These two brands with a long

    history can now leverage enormous synergy

    effects. Over the course of the past 70

    years, Lumberg Automation has developed

    into a well-respected supplier of standard

    and tailored solutions, and similar to

    Hirschmann, it has a reputation for driving

    innovation. The industry focus, expertise

    and product portfolios of the two companies

    complement each other very well. As a

    customer, you have one point of contact

    for two brands. Is there any better proof

    that one plus one makes three?

    With us, when you add one and one you get more than two. Lumberg Automation and Hirschmann Automation and Control:

    Two powerful brands under a strong umbrella.

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    Our Electronic Consultant at

    www.hirschmann.com/xpert/ comes

    up with a recommendation after only four

    fast, simple steps no matter what product

    you are looking for including connectors,

    Industrial ETHERNET components or

    FiberINTERFACES. You select the

    application, product category, criteria

    and requirements, and you receive our

    individual product recommendation

    right away.


    The product you need is just a few mouse clicks away. The Electronic Consultant helps you find what you are looking for.

    The Electronic Consultant is also

    available on the catalog CD.

    Sometimes standard solutions are simply

    not enough. That is why we offer highly

    flexible connector solutions, some of which

    are not included in our catalog. We

    can deliver standard connectors from the

    catalog, modular OpenConnector

    variations and highly customized versions

    to meet specific customer requirements.

    Connectors Unlimited provides a maxi-

    mum of individuality. We deliver the most

    cost-effective solution for any application

    as an added service.

    A whole new world of individuality.Versatile plug-in connectivity from Hirschmann.

    No matter what your specific

    needs are for an ex-catalog

    connector, our OpenConnector

    and Connectors Unlimited

    offer maximum flexibility.


    Wildly individual:

    Connectors Unlimited from Hirschmann. Special customized solutions High level of competence from the leader in quality Extension of the standard program and the

    OpenConnector module Maximum flexibility and rapid response times Economical solutions based on mass production items





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    Product overviewIndustrial Connectors

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    Industrial ETHERNET

    Hirschmann was one of the pioneers of

    Industrial ETHERNET. We offer extremely

    reliable, high-quality products and solutions

    which keep the world of automation moving

    and guarantee excellent transmission secu-

    rity. We would be pleased to send you more

    information about Industrial ETHERNET and

    suitable bus connectors.


    If you are looking for optical transmission

    equipment and fiber optics, Hirschmann

    offers a broad range of FiberINTERFACES

    for the process, transportation and factory

    automation industries which deliver

    high data rates and absolute immunity to

    interference. Why not request more

    information on our FiberINTERFACES


    The best connection across the board.Hirschmann the right solution for any application.

    Hirschmann can provide more than top-

    quality connectors and network

    components. Our Competence Center

    has the consulting, service, support

    and training expertise to help you design

    your total solution without supplier

    dependencies. Contact us to discuss

    your specific requirements.

    Top quality products for cutting-edge solutions.


    The Hirschmann Competence Center gives you the help you need.

    You can access our extensive

    range of services and support at

    www.hicomcenter.com. We offer

    everything from pre-sales advice

    to after-sales support.

    General catalogIndustrial ETHERNET

    General catalogFiberINTERFACES

    Product overviewFiberINTERFACES/Feldbuskomponenten

    Product overviewIndustrial Networking







    Product Training







    ign Training





    Help DeskCo




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    Circular connectors: E-series M8

    The pico professional sensor page 14

    Hirschmann M8 sensor connectors can be supplied

    in molded or customized versions. Innovative

    design and a wide range of cables ensure maxi-

    mum flexibility and variety in any application.

    IEC 60947-5-2 compliant layout

    Snap-lock or threaded lock M 8 x 1

    number of poles: 3, 4

    60 V operating voltage (Uc) and 4 A

    operating current

    environmental pollution level 3

    gold-plated contacts

    IP 67/68/69 K (as defined in DIN 40050)

    ambient temperature 25 C up to + 90 C

    Circular connectors: E-series M12

    The large professional sensor page 62

    To be a real sensor expert, you have to keep a

    couple of key issues in mind. Clearly identifiable

    gripping surfaces ensure that users can quickly

    connect the Hirschmann E-series M12 round

    connectors to proximity switches, light barriers,

    flow sensors and fieldbus components. These

    connectors meet all of the requirements for

    sensors and actuators in automation systems.

    IEC 947-5-2 layout/ M12 x1 threaded


    number of poles: 3, 4, 5, 8

    UC 250 V operating voltage (Uc) and 4 A

    operating current

    environmental pollution level 3

    gold/tin plated contacts

    IP 67/68/69 K (as defined in DIN 40050)

    ambient temperature 25 C up to + 90 C

    M12 push-pull version available

    Our communication experts.Size no longer determines whether you can move worlds.

    It is simply enough to have higher intelligence.

    In order to ensure the operating reliability and

    accessibility of your machines, the best is just

    enough and this is exactly where tiny items can

    make a big difference. Your Hirschmann installation

    consultant recommends: intelligent plug for sensor

    devices and actuator